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Our Focus is YOU


Why Hire an Owner's Representative?

Responsibilities & Expertise

Advocating for interests of the owner with the sole purpose of achieving the owner’s project goals and objectives.


About Forge Solutions

Who We Are

The environment and dynamics of real estate development and construction are ever changing.   The costs of land, construction, and financing continue to increase making it more critical than ever to ensure your real estate investment is planned appropriately and fiscally managed. Forge Solutions can help!​ 


Forge Solutions is a development services company whose primary interest is you.  The focus of Forge Solutions is to provide owner's representative services.  Real estate development requires groups of different parties including financial partners, attorneys, planners, designers, and contractors to execute their duties to ensure a project is successful.  Each member of the project team can bring much value to the project, but they also bring their own ideas and interests to the table. 


The owner's representative is the only team member who’s one main and primary interest is to execute the owner’s objectives and goals for the project.  The owner's representative works with the owner as their advocate and the integrator of the overall project team to ensure the owner’s project is successful when it comes to its objectives, quality, budget, and schedule. 


​Nate Franje and Forge Solutions have extensive experience in managing over $360 million in projects covering 4.17 million square feet of product ranging from multi-family, office, and industrial.  In addition, 530 acres of acquired land have been entitled, planned, and subdivided in preparation for development.​​

Forge Solutions is ready to assist you!


What We Do

Acquisition & Due Diligence

  • Code Compliance

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Cost Feasibility

  • City Discussions

Trusted Partners

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